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I’m still working on moving my site over from my old blog…  then I’ll post more here…

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Are you perchance (the former?) Emily Reich? We were business colleagues when you worked at Appnet/New Media and my sister went to school with your mother.

I am not a cyberstalker, honest — I stumbled upon your blog whilst googling “Westport Historical Society.”

Congrats! I almost didn’t open the e-mail because I didn’t recognize your name. We have three children now 11years old, six years old and two year old. Hope to catch up soon! Best wishes to you and Clara!


I actually remember when you were born, another very happy day for your family. Back in the old days, we had to wait for weeks for the pictures, just imagine! Clara is a little sweetie, you and Sachar are so lucky.

Emily — I’m desperately trying to get ahold of a print of “The Weather Project” — you had one on your old blog — my husband and I saw the exhibit on our second honeymoon but have no pictures — I’d love to give him a large-sized print for an anniversary present — it doesn’t necessarily have to be taken by a pro — Can you help a hopeless romantic?

Hi, I wanted to know if you made the Virtual Bridal Shower for Johanna on

If so, did you get the template somewhere? I would love to make one for my sister. I do know some HTML but if you used a template that would be SO helpful. Any info you could send my way?

Thanks you very much!!

Found your old site with photos etc. about Eugene Sheffer. During the summer of 1970, I worked for him and Iris at his home in Amagansett as driver-errand runner-lawn mower-bartender etc. (I was a 21 year old college student at the time). He was a wonderful man to get to know, and his bond with Iris was somewhere between spouse and sister. Thanks for posting the photo of them. I also worked for his good friend, cartoonist Warren Whipple, who drew “There Oughta Be A Law”, and was renting a house owned by actor George Segal.

Hi Emily

Enjoyed your blog, the first one I have every looked at, and Clara making the Hamantashin is adorable. I’ll have to send you some photos of our 4, 3 year old grand-kids doing the same. Anyway, I digress. I came across your blog while doing research on the Hebrew Kindergarten & Infants Home on which I am giving a talk tonight at a coin club I belong to. To shorten the story. Your G.G.Grandfather Jacob Rabinowitz and my G.Grandfather Louis Singer were probably good friends. Yours was president of the Hebrew Kindergarten and Infants Home (HKIH), president of the United Hebrew Community (UHC), and a director of the Home of Old Israel (HOL). Mine was founder and President of the HOL, and VP of both the HKIH & UHC.
Regards, Sandy

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