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painting 005
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At least it was very washable paint!

See her in action (as it turned into finger painting, before it devolved into face painting)


Better late than never, my letter to the editor about Friday (10/5) being California Arts Day was printed in today’s paper. Just in time for tonight’s Library, Culture and Arts Commission meeting which is nice.

(And yes, Mom, our NY Times daily subscription started today as well, so we’re all set for your visit!!)

Update: Borrowing my idea, Mom had a similar letter published in the Westport News!

Today is California Arts Day! I sent this letter into the local paper but it didn’t get published 😦 Oh well. So here it is for you instead:

California Arts Day is part of the National Arts and Humanities month-long celebration of arts and culture throughout the country. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the arts in every community in California and to celebrate every art form. I am delighted that Mayor Steve Tate is recognizing this celebration here in Morgan Hill with a resolution marking California Arts Day, presented at the City Council Meeting on October 3rd.

At the September 25th meeting of the Morgan Hill Library, Culture and Arts Commission, our commission heard from Josh Russell, Communications Manager for Arts Council Silicon Valley, who presented the recent findings of the Americans for the Arts’ “Arts & Economic Prosperity” report, which his group coordinated on the local level. He described the economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences here in Santa Clara County. The study found that nonprofit arts and culture are a significant industry here – one that generates $166.5 million in local economic activity, supporting almost 4,000 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $80.28 million in household income to local residents. The full report is available from the Arts Council’s Web site at

Commemorating today as California Arts Day 2007 is the perfect reminder to carve out some time to celebrate the arts here in our community by taking our children, our parents, and our friends to enjoy the rich variety of arts right here in our town. Stop by the new Morgan Hill Library and see the wonderful sculptures, paintings, and mural that enhance the great new space. Get yourselves tickets for South Valley Civic Theatre’s production of Arsenic and Old Lace (playing through Oct. 13, 2007). Mark your calendars for The Poppy Jasper Film Festival (Nov. 9-11, 2007). Purchase artwork from a local artist. Sign your kids up for an art, music or dance class. Appreciate the wonderful public art projects located around our community. Create some art and music of your own!

Our whole group at work took a field trip this afternoon to the SJ Art Museum for a docent-led tour of the M.C. Escher and Op Art exhibits (and then we wandered through the very cool Il Lee: Ballpoint Abstractions and interesting Jess: To and From the Printed Page and spent some time on the couch watch the Listening Post). It was a great field trip — I just love that museum and it was so much fun to all go together and get away from our desks for a while.

S picked me up from work and we drove up to SF to see a talk by scultptor David Behar Perahia at the Academy of Art. He showed some of his really interesting, site-specific art, one of which we had seen in a museum on our trip.

I worked my second shift at the ZeroOne art exhibition tonight. Tuesday I was in the South Pavillion of the convention center and was a bit dissapointed, but today I was assigned to the Art Museum and there is great stuff going on there. Of course I was immediately reassigned to help out with the skate board piece over in the Tech’s courtyard, but the artist packed up early so I went back to the museum. The highlight (of both shifts, but I was so tired Tuesday my brain didn’t make the connection until it was too late), was that Spinnity and her husband were there!


I would definitely recommend checking out the exhibits at the art museum. I’m still hoping to swing by and see the stuff at the city hall if I can…

Here’s my first attempt at one of those fun book purses people keep making (and which I was so excited to see for sale at a Friends of the Libary store when I was checking out the sites earlier this week). Since we were expecting house guests very shortly I didn’t drag out the sewing machine and do it properly, so this is more a prototype than anything else (its held together with double-sided peel-and-stick fabric tape so I don’t think it’d actually hold anything). We picked up a couple more books at the library’s book sale today to try later, but here’s the first. The handle and fabric is from Michael’s. It definitely needs some embellishments…


Arystocrafts Tutorial (with great photos!)
HGTV instructions
Great examples

Full Set

Posted on: August 25, 2005

I forgot to blog that we finished the 4th chair and the table over the weekend (and touched up the first three chairs) Here’s the full set:

Special thanks to Susan who inspired me and helped me to paint my dresser a couple of years ago.

Just in time for more house guests to arrive this evening!

Wouldn’t it be cool to have the knitting needles count stitches for you? Not that I’ve done a single knit or purl for months, but I think if these were actually sold somewhere they’d be very hard to resist.


Posted on: May 27, 2005

I convinced Emy to take a quick detour after the movie and we checked out the current exhibit at the SJ Art Museum, Blobjects & Beyond: The New Fluidity in Design. I love looking at examples of great design, and there were definitely some very cool things included in this exhibit. If you’re downtown it is definitely worth stopping in for! (And the director of the museum was at my table at the Commonweath Club dinner and was raving about the upcoming Caja de visiones/Box of Visions: Manuel lvarez Bravo exhibit which is supposed to be fantastic. June 18, 2005 through September 11, 2005)

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