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A former colleague sent me a note about a site that’s giving people Valentine’s Day ideas that are way better than the standard candies or flowers options. Things like donations and volunteering and other alternatives to the typical Hallmark fare (their goal is to have people give “good” instead of “goods”) There’s info about it here: and it will link you to a spot where you can make a Valentine ecard that will be delivered on Thursday.

for beating Mom and me in Scrabulous…. rematch? (and I had been on such a nice winning streak the last few games!)

Lisa won this scrabble game

My friends at work bought Clara a wonderful “Sleep Sheep” off of our registry — its a super soft stuffed animal sheep that plays the soothing sounds of heart beats, rain, ocean and whale (the idea of a sheep making whale sounds got quite a laugh). Unfortunately our sound box stopped working almost immediately. I wrote to the company and they mailed me a new one! I can’t wait to try it out tonight (we’re getting more frequent middle-of-the-night fussiness episodes, and these sounds do an amazing job in calming her down, a form of the “shushing” from the 5 s’s in the Happiest Baby on the Block)

So thank you Cloud B! I think Henry already has one of these, but I’ll definitely think about sending them as presents to other new babies!  (And they were so nice to send a new one that I wanted to reward such good customer service with a blog posting.)

It’s Brian again, this time with the news we have all been waiting to hear…  Clara Shirah has arrived!  Here is the re-cap from our mother:

Clara Shirah was born at 10:19 pm (west coast time) on October 25, weighs 7.7 pounds and is 20″ long.  Emily had a c-section, but she’s feeling pretty good, and even got to breast feed the baby before everyone got too tired.  The baby is going to have antibiotics for 2 days as a precaution (that’s what is attached to her hand,)  since Emily ran a bit of a fever during labor.

She’s adorable — lots of dark hair, dark eyes, and a cute little nose.  Shachar will have much better photos tomorrow.

Emily will probably be in the hospital until Monday — with no wireless!

love to all — it was very exciting!


P.S.  Clara isn’t crying in the first photo — she has antibiotic drops in her eyes.  She was wide awake for a long time and very alert.

Here are some pictures:


This is Brian, Emily’s brother… got a call from California.  Emily is in labor, has been all day.  We will update as things progress.

We were ignoring the news all weekend while we were off having fun (photos coming soon) and I didn’t notice the giant crib recall that just happened.  We do have the Simplicity Crib N Changer Combo but I believe we have model 8995 (they’ve recalled  8994 and 8996 among others).  Of course I’ll double check when I get home from work.  Eegads.

I just learned that yesterday – Sept 13 – was International Chocolate Day!  We definitely should celebrate that more…

I’ve had a continuing battle with my headlights since I bought my car.  The former owner did something screwy to them like force in ones of the wrong size, and they haven’t been the same since.  S replaced them but on one side the casing or something was damaged and so the bulb was just barely hanging in place.  So of course, now that S is out of town doing research in the field for two weeks, last night I drove home and noticed that I have no headlights — which was extra weird because they shouldn’t both blow out at once.  But my friends at work recommended a great car place near our office (Michael & Company if you need a place in downtown SJ) and I dropped it off at lunch and they shuttled me right back to the office.  I picked it up later and learned that the broken one had indeed come entirely loose and in the process had shorted out something.  With one side gone, the other was getting too much power or something and blew out.  They replaced the bulbs, kajiggered something to hold the broken one in better than before, and I seem to be set again.  And they were very nice and friendly about it and now I can safely drive at night again (which is good if I’m going to actually stay out tomorrow night for services.)

First, I have the most amazing husband in the world (but I already knew that)

Second, if you get a flat tire, don’t sit there with your headlights on with the engine not running or in addition to being stuck there with a flat tire, you may also have a dead battery. (it seemed like a good idea at the time since it was very dark along 101 and I thought if my lights were on people would see my car and not hit it… but honestly I didn’t think about it at all, I just left them on, oh well)

Third, after a long while the highway patrol does come and check on you if you look stranded enough, but boy am I glad I had my cell phone to call my amazing husband instead of having to wait for CHIPS.

yes, it was one of those days…

February 2, 2007, is National Wear Red Day, a day when Americans nationwide wear red to show their support for women’s heart disease awareness.

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