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I briefly came out of my Tech volunteering retirement to attend tonight’s annual volunteer recognition dinner because it is traditional for the previous year’s winner to award the Inspirational Volunteer of the Year award. It was wonderful to see everyone and, as always, it was a really nice event — better than usual actually because they sprang for entertainment (a barbershop quartet) and wine. This year’s award went to Betty Gurka, an excellent choice!

I was all excited by the headline on this Forbes article: ‘Breathtaking’: Gates Gives $15M To Tech Museum, until I read the article which is about a donation to the Computer History Museum, which is cool too of course.

I just thought it was a bit ironic because the article was all like NY has a ton of museums, “But the U.S.’ Pacific coast is not without its cultural monuments, too.” and then they use the name of another, also very notable museum and landmark, in the headline and don’t seem to notice. The AP version had it closer, “Gates to Donate $15M to Computer Museum”

Veteran science museum director to lead The Tech
Formal Search for Permanent Chief Begins
By Karl Schoenberger
Mercury News

“San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation announced Friday it has appointed Sheila Grinell, a veteran science museum director, to lead the institution until a new chief executive is recruited.”

I’m behind in my gossip, clearly, but just saw this: From the Tech to job in Hawaii: EX-CHIEF GILES WILL TAKE REINS OF ASTRONOMY EDUCATION CENTER

Giles, 61, who retired in March as the president and CEO of the Tech, will become the director of the Mauna Kea Astronomy Education Center in Hilo, Hawaii, on Sept. 1.

I had the opportunity to attend tonight’s Commonwealth Club dinner honoring Peter Giles and SJ Mercury News columnist Leigh Weimers. It was a really nice event and I sat at a table with people from Adobe and The Tech which was a lot of fun. Its so inspiring to hear about the decades of service people give to their community!

Wouldn’t this be a sweet job? I just need to build up 10 more years of non-profit fundraising and management experience… [the fantastic grants director I was sitting next to at dinner mentioned it] Though this sounds intriguing as well…

Tonight was our annual Volunteer Reconition Dinner at The Tech. It is always a really nice event, but was particularly special for me this year since I just finished my 2 year term as VAB Chair (and, as you know, I’m taking a leave from volunteering there for a while.) We gave out scholarships to 5 really amazing high school kids (I read the applications this year but thankfully turned the committee over to some new folks) We all got our service pins (I got a 750 hours one, but I don’t think that includes my ASTC hours [grin]) Check out Ronnie’s little Tech onesie! Its hard to tell in the photo, but it says “The Tech” on the back of it. She is the cutest baby ever.


Stan took this photo of me trying not to cry when accepting my award. They gave me two really nice plaques. Thanks to everyone for voting for me!


lastvab1.jpgToday was my very last volunteer advisory board meeting at The Tech. After a year as vice-chair (and rep to the board of directors) and two years now as chair, my term has come to the end. It was a pretty good meeting and a nice send-off with sappy sentiments and lovely parting gifts. I’m going to miss the group and know I leave it in very capable hands (prior to the meeting we interviewed two of the three finalists for the Volunteer Manager position and I feel like we’re heading in a very good direction there as well). So thank you to all of you who have put up with my ranting and complaining and roping you into helping out with things over the past few years at the museum. I’m sticking through next week’s communication meeting and the annual volunteer dinner later this month, and then will be officially retiring (or at least going on a nice long leave) from volunteering there.

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