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Happy Birthday Clara!

Posted on: October 25, 2009

Clara turned 2 today! With the impending move (we’re about half way packed and the house should be ready to move into in about 2 more weeks of fix-ups) we didn’t manage to throw her a party or anything, but tried to fill the day with some of her favorite things and will be bringing lots of cupcakes to her daycare class tomorrow.

Birthday Balloons from Grandma and Grandpa BillSwan BoatSwan BoatOn the artichoke rideDriving the firetruckChocolate cake on my birthday

She’s talking up a storm these days — our current favorite is when she comes over and asks “whacha doing mommy?” and then when you answer says “oh” like it’s something profound. She parrots back pretty much everything so we’re trying to be careful with what we say. She talks a lot about her best friend Camryn at school and we’re all very sad that Camryn and her family are moving to Texas in 2 weeks! The two of them have been together at daycare since Clara was 3 months old and just love each other. Clara talks about her all the time — “Camryn is a busy bee” (their 2’s class at daycare) — and Camryn is incredibly useful for positive peer pressure (look, Camryn’s doing that, why don’t you try it?) She still loves to color and paint, to hang on any parallel bar she can find (especially at her weekly Little Gym class), to go on the swings and slide at the park over and over and over again, to watch Curious George (part of our nightly bedtime routine) or read her Curious George books, to watch Elmo, jumping (which she really wants to do but can’t quite get both feet to time it right yet), to dance (especially in the bed of “Abba’s white truck”), to sing the “spaghetti song” (on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese…), to help with the laundry, to scold the cats (“No sitting on the table Mitzy!”), to push her baby doll around the house in the toy stroller, to make cookies (real with me and the ones in her toy kitchen). She’s also very into throwing food and pretty much everything else she gets her hands on onto the floor, especially when she’s done eating.

And, after all the fun (and chocolate) today, her birthday present to us was going to bed early tonight!!!

1 Response to "Happy Birthday Clara!"

Loved this post! You need to save this description of Clara at 2 printed out on archival PAPER. Just in case. Sorry we misplaced the Birthday Hamster so couldn’t sing to Clara yesterday. Love to all, Margaret and Alan

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