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Posted on: August 26, 2007

Another satisfyingly lazy weekend afternoon spent at the movies. Today we saw Stardust and, though I knew in advance that it was going to be very different from the book, it was hard to not compare it scene by scene (and think the book much more satisfying). It wasn’t bad, but it was hard to get past all the changes (like the whole set up of the market not being an event on the other side of the Wall that people actually went to.)

Other than that, yesterday we went to the farmer’s market, assembled our new crib and had a nice dinner out. Today we went to open houses for the two end units for sale next to ours (we still like ours best but are hoping for some nice new neighbors to move in) and should really go out for a walk now.

While Brian and Dad are off learning the fine art of fly fishing (apparently Dad already has an excellent “one who got away” story to dine out on), Jane took the opportunity to have an adventure of her own and to come down to SF for a cooking class and then down here to visit us (bringing with her a delicious cake she had made in class). Today, after visiting the farmer’s market and the new library (and a nice nap), we went to see the new Becoming Jane film (which of course I cried through and definitely recommend to any Austin fans.)

Tomatoes at the Morgan Hill Farmers MarketJane digs into the cake she made at her cooking classJane brought us the fruit of her cooking class labor

The perfect way to spend a hot lazy Sunday is at the movies of course, so we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum this afternoon.  Its an excellent, edge of your seat film and well worth having seen in the big screen.

HP #5

Posted on: July 14, 2007

We went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this morning along with Karen, Herb, Rosanne and her son, and Emy & Ray (and a theater full of other people from work since it was a special showing). The movie, of course, was awesome. I just wish I had reread the book beforehand (since they do have to leave out SO much!) but when I got home I couldn’t resist dipping into book #6 which I will be very happy to reread before next Saturday’s book comes out.

As good as the movies are, the books are just so much better. I was completely sucked back in from the first page and looked up 200 pages later to realize it was probably time to do some of the work I am supposed to do today.

Emy, Ray and the Simpsons
Emy and Ray pose with the Simpsons after the movie.

Its hard not to go tonight (no chance of me staying up late enough to go last night) to the new Harry Potter movie, but I’m actually waiting until Saturday morning when our company’s having a special morning showing. Of course its awfully tempting to go across the street and see it on the Tech’s IMAX screen. But of course, its not like I didn’t see the last one on both regular and IMAX…

I was just talking to a reporter from the MH Times about the library’s grand opening and mentioned that since it was the day of the new Harry Potter book we were hoping lots of people would come dressed up (we’re having a dress-as-a-character-from-a-book costume contest as one of the activities). And of course talking about the movie and book makes me want to see and read them both all the more!

RatatouilleSince we can never resist a Pixar movie, we took a well-deserved break from a day of grading papers to go see Ratatouille. I loved it and can’t wait until we can see it on DVD with all the extras and outtakes (always the best part of already awesome Pixar films).

Constance sent along the link to this great clip reel of Amanda, an up-and-coming journalist! It was so great to see her when we were in NYC a few weeks ago and is amazing to see her on camera like this!


Posted on: May 20, 2007

Three MothersWe went to see 4 (two full length, 2 shorts) films from Israel as part of the San Jose Jewish Film Festival. The Oscar winning West Bank Story was cute, the documentary Avi, Avi was boring. The short on Falafel was ok, and I really enjoyed Three Mothers.

Disney’s made a movie version of Bridge to Terabithia. that opens next week I just saw the trailer and couldn’t believe it was the book I remembered reading, and being completely traumatized by, years ago. Somehow I carried around one memory from it all these years, and it wasn’t the kind of thing they show on the trailers… I guess I’ll have to go see it though and find out…

Mom just called to let me know that Miss America is on tonight!! How’d I manage to miss that news???

8pm on CMT

8:20 update – my net connection is down (i’m blogging from my phone) but sitting here in my tiara of course. my early money was on tn and wv…and of course i’ll cheer for ca, ct, and wa and the 3 emily’s. we’ll see if they even make the top 10

8:40 update – the net’s back up and there were nice emails from Mom and Lisa (who of course got to see the whole thing 3 hours ahead of me…) So I got a few home states to root for and 1 of the Emily’s… Mom has promised a tap dancer for later as well…

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