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FYI (and so I have it written down somewhere for future reference), here are some places in San Jose that appear to do car seat safety checks (according to this list)

Stevens Creek Audi
3350 Stevens Creek Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95117

Stevens Creek Volkswagen
4490 Stevens Creek Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95129

San Jose Police Department
1671 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

Bob Lewis VW
911 Capitol Expressway
San Jose, CA 95136

And, according to Parent Zone, the San Jose CHP has car seat checks available by appointment only on Tuesday and Thursday after 3 p.m.
2020 Junction Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131

AAA has a a href=”” target=”new”>list of their offices that do them, including San Jose (408-574-2287.)

and at the Hollister-Gilroy CHP, apparently car seat checks are available twice a month by appointment
To schedule call Public Affairs at 408-848-2324

You can tell that its time for the Gilroy Garlic Festival — not only is traffic going to be miserable on 101 all weekend, but when we opened the door this morning you could SMELL the garlic (and we’re a whole town away!)  We’re not going — I went once years ago (even took Eduard) and it was so overwhelming that I don’t think I’ll brave it again for a long time, but it turns out you can’t really escape it completely.

The MH Times came through with a nice front page article of the library’s opening (though unfortunately didn’t print the photo we had submitted of the costume contest winners). They also printed a very friendly editorial about the opening, which concluded with:

What’s also impressive about the building of this new library is the teamwork that occurred to make it happen, from the Friends of the Morgan Hill Library, led by avid reader Carol O’Hare, to Morgan Hill’s Redevelopment Agency and the county library system.

From inception to completion, these groups worked together keeping that vision in mind to offer Morgan Hill residents a source of knowledge, scholarship, learning and information.

To date the Friends have truly demonstrated they’re friends of readers, literacy and education by raising a quarter of a million dollars. That money paid for the impressive bronze sculptures, paintings and other unique art elements found in the building. The library is the only one in the Santa Clara County library system that has a permanent collection of art, thanks to donors.

Morgan Hill’s new library is a perfect example of how when a community works together it can accomplish great things. It will go a long way to addressing the literacy needs of a growing city and helping parents expose their children to reading and learning.

Yesterday’s grand opening of the new Morgan Hill Library was simply amazing. We expected around 1500 people but estimates for actual attendance are around 4000!! It was a beautiful day (hot, but not terrible) and pretty much everything went exactly as planned. It was really amazing to see the place packed with so many people! I can’t wait to see the official numbers (the gate count was around 3900 but apparently that is much lower than the actual crowd because when people come in as groups they often count as just one person) and to find out how many books were checked out, how many new library cards were made, etc.

We kicked off with a Taiko drum group, cookies, and face painting. Then a trumpet fanfare, boy scout flag ceremony, and then a round of speeches from the major, city council, librarian and other dignitaries. Everyone kept their speeches short and we opened the library at 12:04 (one minute earlier than scheduled!)

The Reading Passport game was a huge success and we ran out of the ~800 passports we had made by about 2:30 (the game was that kids had to go around to 6 different areas of the library and collect a sticker at each, then return to our table in the lobby for a prize) and gave out all the prizes we had (and there were TONS to start with). Germar the Magician played to packed rooms for both of his shows and was wonderful and funny. We had 29 people compete in the costume contest and gave everyone prizes. The grand prizes went to a Winky the House Elf, a Pansy Parkinson and a Cat in the Hat.

The party wrapped up at 4 and I ducked home for a few chapters of Harry Potter before returning at 6pm for the volunteer thank you pizza party. We were all pretty exhausted but thrilled at how everything had gone.

Trumpet FanfareCommunity Librarian Rosanne Macek2007 Jul 21 058If you give a mouse a cookie...

More photos are here. I’ve created a Flickr Group for the event and hope that other people who were there will share their photos so we can have a big pool of them to see. Paul posted some really great ones yesterday.

There’s a huge story on the front page of the Morgan Hill Times today about the new library and our big grand opening party. Here’s the beginning part:

Literacy Haven Awaits Opening
Friday, July 13, 2007
By Tony Burchyns

The new 28,000 square foot, $19-million Morgan Hill Library will celebrate its grand opening next Saturday. The community has been invited to the festivities from 11am-4pm. The public will receive tours of the facility.

Morgan Hill – In more ways than one, July 21 will be a good day for books and readers.

Not only will the last Harry Potter book be released, but Morgan Hill Library users – who for years made do with cramped quarters – will celebrate the opening of their new 28,000-square-foot building at 660 W. Main Ave., with a chance to win a free copy.

An opening-day costume contest where patrons are asked to come dressed as their favorite fictional characters will result in one lucky winner walking away reading about wizards, muggles and Harry’s last year at Hogwarts.

It boils down to a “magical” day for book lovers, said Morgan Hill Library, Culture and Arts Commissioner Emily Shem-Tov. “Probably the only thing that could keep me from spending the day reading Harry Potter is the library’s grand opening,” she laughed, adding she proudly volunteered to work at the library’s all-day party, which marks the end of more than a decade’s worth of planning for a bigger facility.

A lovely (if a bit chilly) day for a baseball game in Oakland! John suggested today’s game months ago, knowing I was a Mariner’s fan. I was nervous that I would jinx their nice winning streak but was relieved to be able to report to Dad that they didn’t lose on my watch.

baseball0707 013baseball0707_meepbaseball0707 009

Happy 4th of July! I could definitely get used to having Wednesdays off!

John came over and joined us for breakfast and then the traditional Morgan Hill 4th of July parade, a huge event around here. Shachar put our chairs out yesterday so we had excellent seats in front of the (old) library, but it was HOT out.

Shachar and EmilyJohn and Shachar
Carol O'Hare, Woman of the Year
The Library in the Parade

in the new library

The new library opening (July 21) is getting close! The benefit of having long committee meetings to plan the grand opening is that we sometimes get to tour the new building before everyone else. Apparently everything has been moved from the old building and the collection is all back on the shelves. It is going to be SO great!!

More photos (along with the much earlier tour) on flickr.

Today is National Hunger Awareness Day and our company is joining in the Share Your Lunch campaign, which is committed to raising funds that will be used to provide food to children during the summer months when they do not receive free meals at school. My colleague Karen and I will be tabling at the cafe during lunch collecting donations ($10 will feed 20 kids lunch), and you can also give online.

IsraelGarden 005

We volunteered today at Israel in the Gardens, a fantastic annual event in the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. Like last year, we had a shift at the information booth where we worked as a great team answering questions in both Hebrew and English (ok, so I can only field the English ones, but S handled both expertly… though I can respond to the #1 question of where the restrooms are in either language). We ate falafel and shwarma, visited all the booths and stayed for some of the big performance of the day — RITA!!!! (but after standing up all day, it was time to go home about 1/2 an hour into her show). Overall, a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

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