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While Brian and Dad are off learning the fine art of fly fishing (apparently Dad already has an excellent “one who got away” story to dine out on), Jane took the opportunity to have an adventure of her own and to come down to SF for a cooking class and then down here to visit us (bringing with her a delicious cake she had made in class). Today, after visiting the farmer’s market and the new library (and a nice nap), we went to see the new Becoming Jane film (which of course I cried through and definitely recommend to any Austin fans.)

Tomatoes at the Morgan Hill Farmers MarketJane digs into the cake she made at her cooking classJane brought us the fruit of her cooking class labor

A few photos from the weekend so far — today’s plan is to do as little as possible (staying in bed until 11 has helped that goal significantly).

Friday I made a baseball cake for John’s (belated) birthday celebration during their group’s regular Super T Friday gathering.
John's Baseball Cake

Saturday we went to help Wonsook load up her moving van (along with her friend Rick, and Suzanne and her step-father Carl) and said goodbye to her as she drove down to Southern California to start her new adventures.
Packing Wonsook's moving vanWonsook's Moving Day

In the afternoon we had a BBQ with John at our house and then played a good round of mini golf.
Summer afternoon BBQMini Golf mini lessonMini GolfMini Golf

To end a lovely day we went to Sweet Retreat, which S and I had been to once on our second date but hadn’t been back to. I was checking out reviews on Yelp and saw that they had a custom frozen yogurt machine where you could combine flavors and so we had to check it out. I had mine with oatmeal cookies, S had swiss chocolate or something, and John had blackberries and Twix bars. They were SO good!!
Frozen yogurt with oatmeal cookies from Sweet RetreatWant to try a bite?John's frozen yogurt with blackberries and Twix from Sweet Retreat

S came home from work yesterday with a TON of strawberries from one of the growers he works with so I immediately tried to come up with a few things to do with them. When I got home from work, the entire sink was filled with them so something had to be done. I ended up with a quite good cobbler, some muffins that could have been a bit sweeter for my taste, and an attempt at a strawberry bread that was a disaster. And then of course we just ate a whole bunch of them straight…

StrawberriesCobbler and MuffinsMore muffins

Today’s the 1-year anniversary of moving into our house!

Our local rooster is still very much at large. S decided to give it a bit of a chase yesterday (luckily he was unsuccessful …. the bird can fly after all)


Its been ages since we had a really quiet weekend with nothing (like a giant puzzle day fundraiser) hanging over our heads (ok, there were a few things we should have been working on, but it was really nice to take the weekend off). We made hamentashen for Purim, we took a long walk in Monterey, we took naps, we went on a bike ride, watched some tv movies, and generally loafed around the house.

This week is going to be pretty insane (I’m at a conference Tuesday and another one Thursday and Friday and then leave for London Friday night, plus I have to go back up to SF on Wednesday to pick up my new passport — long story, and I have the second week of my online class and all the preparations for my trip and various other things), so it was really nice to rest up before this all starts.

We gave into our strong temptation to get a new friend for Bonnie/Mitzy and have brought home Madison from the shelter today.

According to her description, “She’s a beautiful, six month old black and white female. Madison is a wonderful kitty who shouldn’t be spending time in a shelter. This lovely lady deserves a home of her own. Indoors only please – her light nose is delicate! She’s litter trained and uses a scratching post. And, as you can see, Madison is a very clean little girl. Visit the San Martin Animal Shelter to meet Madison. We think she’ll be coming home with you when you do!”

Her official photo from them:

Hopefully they’ll get along and become good friends! (Plus, she’s crossword puzzle colored!)

Some more photos of Maddie now that she’s home:

Yay! At long last we have new counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom and can put everything back to where it belongs and actually use those spaces again. The kitchen seems much brighter and happier without the dark grouting that used to crisscross the counters, and in the bathroom we now have TWO SINKS (a high priority of mine). Here are some photos of the process and final outcome:


I’m very sad to report that it turned out to be cancer, but that Mittens did not suffer much and everything happened very quickly.


a photo from last night

Mittens in sick again, and back at the vet. We just got the follow-up lab results yesterday and she was doing really well — the thyroid stuff was getting under control and it wasn’t masking any failing kidney things, which apparently it often does. And then this morning was a whole different story — something is very wrong and even the vet doesn’t know what’s up yet. I brought her in the second they opened this morning and now they’re doing xrays and more blood work, putting her on antibiotics and things, and we’re waiting to learn more…

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