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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms I know (including my own) and… for the first time… to me!!  Yay!   I got a lovely poem with Clara’s hand print from Clara (with some help from her daycare teachers), a yummy special pancake breakfast, and flowers from Mom and Bill!  What a great morning!

S just sent me this photo from his phone (he just picked her up from daycare):

Taken one day late this month, but here’s Clara at 6 months old with her trusty sheep! You can look back over the whole series here. She’s doing great — moved into the next size bigger diapers while we were away, can pass objects from one hand to the other, and rolls back and forth and rotates around a bit (she did some backward scootching the other day but hasn’t repeated it — she really wants to move!), and is really interested in toys and other objects. Now that we’re back from our trip we’re going to try for more solid foods.

After all those years of saying “next year in Jerusalem”, I was actually here this time!
Seder with the Shem-Tovs

Today is Shachar’s birthday!!!!!!

Its a big birthday for Shachar’s dad today!

And happy first day of Spring as well!

Here’s today’s springy outfit:
New pink overalls dress

Happy birthday today to Aunt Susan!

Happy birthday today to Katy and Mark!

My little ValentinePre-Valentine's Day Outfit

In her special valentine outfits (well, the bottom half anyway, I already can’t find the top which went with the candy heart pants… it had cute little cupid wings…)

Happy 60th birthday today to my Dad!

I loved this photo that Karen posted of him winning in Wii boxing a couple of weeks ago while visiting K,B&H.

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