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Big weekend!  Both Betty and Liz are graduating from college!  Wow!  Hopefully photos will be sent…  (Of course since I remember when Betty was Clara’s size, this is really hard to get my mind around…)

And congrats to Annie who will be graduating from high school next month and then is off to Chapel Haven!

Eduard (aka Aaron, still hard to get used to calling him that) is playing tonight (Australian time) at the Turf Club in Melbourne! Congrats on his first real gig!!!! I hope one of his friends posts some photos of it to facebook….

Congrats to Liz for being published in Sports Car Market magazine! (Haven’t seen it yet, but saw her update on Facebook about it)

I found out from her Facebook update this weekend that my sister Liz has gotten into the Vet Tech program  at Colorado Mountain College!  Congrats!  And I’m very excited that she’s getting closer to being out West (relatively anyway).

Both Liz and Betty graduate college very soon… eek!

New video

Posted on: March 20, 2008

Shachar’s been taking little videos of Clara but I keep forgetting to post them. Here’s a recent one of her playing in her saucer and responding to us.

Clara in her saucer

When I have more time (ha) I’ll try to edit some of the videos a bit, but at least you get to see some footage of her.

I got to Skype with Eduard tonight! He’s spending a semester of his junior year in Melbourne (yes, we’re all terribly jealous). It was 9pm here so he was already enjoying a lovely Friday afternoon (4pm) and 70+ degree summer weather (his dorm even has a pool!)  Here he is looking very cool and relaxed:

Eduard on Skype

Clara and Henry got to meet each other today! Brian, Karen and Henry came out to visit and Brian spoke about his book at my office today. Mom and Bill timed their visit so they could see both of their grandkids at once. We’re going to try to take a lot more photos tomorrow before they head up to Seattle to visit Dad & Jane.

Clara’s Great Great Aunt and Uncle stopped by and took Clara and me out to dinner.

Great Great Aunt Andrea, Clara, and Great Great Uncle Alan

We’re still getting used to our new schedules of daycare and work (and commutes!) but seem to be adjusting ok so far.

Each time we see Mom, she tries to pose us all to replicate old photos from when I was a baby. We haven’t quite gotten the poses quite right, but here’s our best attempts so far, along with the originals.

Family PhotoFamily Photo

In the first photo, we have my great grandmother Clara (our Clara’s namesake), my Grandmother Betty (my sister’s namesake), my Mom (Ann) and me (Emily). In the second, we have baby Clara, my mom (Ann), me (Emily), and my sister Betty.

And here’s another set of grandmothers with their granddaughters (Betty and Emily, Ann and Clara)

Betty and EmilyAnn and Clara

More sad news this week, after a long illness, Joe Weinberger, my grandmother’s cousin and all of our long time family lawyer and patriarch, passed away earlier this week.  He’s in the NY Times here.

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