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18 Months!

Posted on: April 25, 2009

Clara is 18 months old today!  I used to be so good about marking each month with a blog post talking about all the things she was doing, but have gotten out of the habit over the past few months.  When I read the last one that Karen wrote about Henry I promised myself I would give it another try.  So here are some of the current highlights:

Words!  It’s all about words these days.  Cat, dog, book, up, out, home, more, bib, turtle, car, bed, cheer(i)o, fish, cookie, chicken, cracker, apple, nana (for banana), down, nose, mouth, eyes, toes, shoes, socks, grape, ball, boat, yellow, flower (yellow and flower sound a lot a like so I’m never quite sure when we’re looking at yellow flowers which she is trying to say), milk, binky, chair, no (should have put that one first since we hear that one the most), yum, mayam (Hebrew for water), tissue, bug, pizza, Baba (for Abba, dad in Hebrew, but close enough and definitely associated with her dad now), bubbles (both for actual bubbles and for my cell phone, which has an App on it with a bubble game), hair, done (though we’re still working on saying done BEFORE (or ideally instead) of just throwing her food on the floor when she’s done instead of afterwards), “la la” for music (mostly because Meagan and Momo gave us a CD with a great song that goes “La La La La lemon.. La La La La lightbulb…” and it’s her current favorite) and lots more.  She repeats almost everything we say though it doesn’t always come out quite right.  She can point out animals and items in books, point to appropriate body parts (she’s pretty good at Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes but usually skips shoulders).  She can understand a lot more words than she can say as well.  But she’s getting much more verbal generally and even managed to leave a voice mail message for her grandparents the other day (though generally she still gets quiet when you hold the phone up to her) and sometimes just sort of sings to herself.

She loves playgrounds (which is why you’ve seen so many playground photos here on the blog) and climbs right up to the top herself now and goes right down the slide and then wants to do it again and again.  She still also loves playing with the woodchips and putting them on the bottom of the slide.

She loves to draw and has filled pages and pages with colorful scribbles.  She usually colors on her hands as well but we have wonderful washable markers that come right off.

We’ve discovered a great group of kids in our complex and they all play together every night around 6pm so we’ve been going there after I pick her up from daycare almost every evening.  There are three adorable 3 year old boys and she loves following them around.  There are two 19 month old kids as well which are just about her size.  There’s also a dog named Cassie.  As soon as we get home now she’ll stand by the front door and say “Out!  Out!”  and “Dog!” so that I’ll take her over to see them all.

She has a ton of teeth, probably needs a haircut again soon but has great curls and fountain-like pigtails, and will only wear her one pair of brown shoes and throws a proper toddler-sized fit if I try to get her to wear her cute new pink sandals.

18 Month Sheep Photo18 Month Sheep Photo18 Month Sheep Photo

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