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10 Months!

Posted on: August 25, 2008

10 Month Sheep Photo

Originally uploaded by chocolate spoon

Clara turned 10 months old today! This month just zipped by — each one seems to and before we know it it is time to take another photo with the ever-shrinking sheep. It is getting much harder to convince her to sit still and pose with the sheep — she was crawling all over and not very interested in looking at the camera, but its always fun to try to get a few shots to show how much she has changed.

This past month has all been about food — especially after the doctor told us last month that she should be eating more “real” food by now. Well, she was apparently listening because soon after she decided she wouldn’t eat another bite of baby food and is completely into all the food the other kids at daycare eat. If you keep up with my flickr photos, you know that her favorite foods are currently string cheese and grapes, but that she does very well with peas and carrots, spaghetti, and watermelon. It is great fun watching her try out new foods — she’s liked almost everything she’s tried so far and pretty much insists that she eats it herself without any help. I’m constantly amazed — especially because she hasn’t had any teeth emerge yet!

She’s also experimenting with standing up on her own – she can go a few seconds (looking very proud of herself) before sitting back down. Holding onto our fingers she can really run around now as well! She “talks” up a storm as well — her most recognizable one being a form of “row row” to get someone to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat, apparently a favorite at daycare.

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