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Library Grand Opening

Posted on: July 22, 2007

Yesterday’s grand opening of the new Morgan Hill Library was simply amazing. We expected around 1500 people but estimates for actual attendance are around 4000!! It was a beautiful day (hot, but not terrible) and pretty much everything went exactly as planned. It was really amazing to see the place packed with so many people! I can’t wait to see the official numbers (the gate count was around 3900 but apparently that is much lower than the actual crowd because when people come in as groups they often count as just one person) and to find out how many books were checked out, how many new library cards were made, etc.

We kicked off with a Taiko drum group, cookies, and face painting. Then a trumpet fanfare, boy scout flag ceremony, and then a round of speeches from the major, city council, librarian and other dignitaries. Everyone kept their speeches short and we opened the library at 12:04 (one minute earlier than scheduled!)

The Reading Passport game was a huge success and we ran out of the ~800 passports we had made by about 2:30 (the game was that kids had to go around to 6 different areas of the library and collect a sticker at each, then return to our table in the lobby for a prize) and gave out all the prizes we had (and there were TONS to start with). Germar the Magician played to packed rooms for both of his shows and was wonderful and funny. We had 29 people compete in the costume contest and gave everyone prizes. The grand prizes went to a Winky the House Elf, a Pansy Parkinson and a Cat in the Hat.

The party wrapped up at 4 and I ducked home for a few chapters of Harry Potter before returning at 6pm for the volunteer thank you pizza party. We were all pretty exhausted but thrilled at how everything had gone.

Trumpet FanfareCommunity Librarian Rosanne Macek2007 Jul 21 058If you give a mouse a cookie...

More photos are here. I’ve created a Flickr Group for the event and hope that other people who were there will share their photos so we can have a big pool of them to see. Paul posted some really great ones yesterday.

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