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Book Group Expo, Day 2

Posted on: June 10, 2007

Just got back from Day 2 of this year’s Book Group Expo. The sessions I attended today were:

Anna Quindlen

Opening Salon: Rise and Shine, the True Meaning of Success, and the Qualities that Matter Most
with the always fantastic Anna Quindlen who was in perfect form


with Firoozeh Dumas (we read her book Funny in Farsi in our book club at work) and Roy Blount Jr. — both had all us rolling in the aisles

Fashion Show

The Book Group From Hell Surprises Us Again!
which turned out to be a fashion show of 12 authors dressed either in the spirit of one of their characters or in what they typically wear when writing

Kicking Butt

Kicking Butt: Against All Odds in a Man’s World
with Barbara Mead, Donna Woolfolk Cross, Anita Amirrezvani, Janie Cooke Newman, and Samina Ali — all of whom had books with great women characters

and then ducked out again before the final session.

And, completely surprisingly, I ended up winning a great prize in yesterday’s raffle drawing — dinner for 6 at Dinner My Way, one of those make-your-dinners-there places (like the one Brian and Karen treated us to with a yet-to-be-claimed gift-certificate), which I think I’ll invite my team to work for (since one Karen from work deserves the prize as much as me). It came in this HUGE insulated bag (which I got a zillion questions about from everyone as I carried it around all day.)

Raffle Prize

2 Responses to "Book Group Expo, Day 2"

Let’s see if I understand ‘the prize’..after working all day, you get to make a drive through city traffic to a commericial kitchen where you will assemble meals for six FOR UP TO 2 HOURS (in hicksville, we call that cooking), pack it up in an insulated bag, and cart it home to your family. If you get off work at 5pm, drive and park for 30 minutes, its 5:30pm. Add 2 hours..that’s its now 8pm. Set the table and now your family sits down to eat at 8:30pm to enjoy dinner together? Surely not. Perhaps you are making multiple dinners or ‘assembling time’ is more commonly 1 hour, or ? ..although, if you were a single mom and the chef was really cute and he was willing to show you how to use a clever with two strong arms around you…

We do Dinner My Way every month. I make about 7 meals (I split them up so they make 14) each time. It takes about 1.5 hours to assemble them and they come with sides. I take them home to freeze and we make 2-3 each week. It’s a huge time saver and they are delicious! They are much better than I would make on my own. The hardest part is deciding which meals to make, they usually have 12-14 dinners on the menu, which changes each month. Also, they use organic and fresh ingredients for most things. You can also get additional sides if you want and dessert! We love it! Let me know if you like it!

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