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Je suis en Paris

Posted on: March 14, 2007

I’ve made it to Paris — and promptly realized how much of my French I’ve lost since living here (not that I was so great at it even then, but Paul and I did occasionally have our “good French days” as we called them). I thought I’d try to watch some TV to re-tune my ears and am watching Nouvelle Star, their version of American Idol and burning through my one hour of paid internet access before bed. I’m hoping to wander around a bit in the morning and then head over to the office for my next training session. Then its right off to the airport to head off on the next leg of the trip (and the last set of trainings before a fun weekend).

On the way here it was so much fun to see so many familiar sites (like the FNAC that Paul and I bought our super snazzy financial calculators which calculated net present value, which for some reason just cracked me up during my cab ride from the train station).

Updated with some photos:

5 Responses to "Je suis en Paris"

I use that calculator on a regular basis. More to add up bills and the like – or spell funny words for the kids. Don’t use the yellow button anymore. I can still hear “yellow button N!” I do laugh too when I see a FNAC.

One other comment – I live in a German speaking area now and travel to France often – being near the border and all. My good French speaking days have INCREASED by quite a bit. Every other day is a bad German speaking day…. Glass half full? half empty?

Amuse-toi bien — et dis bonjour a Paul quand tu le vois. C’est bien d’etre a Paris, n’est-ce pas? — Maman

Oui! C’est magnifique d’etre a Paris!

And those are my favorite pasteries!

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