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Israel, Day 10

Posted on: January 7, 2007

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Just a placeholder until I have time for a proper post with photos. Here’s what we did:

Drove through Be’er Sheeva to see Shachar’s university and old haunting ground (though the campus has changed radically in the last few years and many of the buildings were brand new) then drove to Sede Boqer where we visited his favorite professor (who he had actually been working with since high school — he went to an environmental boarding school in Sede Boqer and then returned there for grad school after studying at Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheeva). We toured the lab that S used to work in and the gardens and greenhouses (mostly filled with cacti). We had lunch with Prof. Guterman and his wife and granddaughter and looked at some of his fantastic paintings which cover every wall of their house from floor to ceiling. We then drove to Nizana to see Nava (another grad school friend) who lives with her family in a small settlement right next to the Egyptian border. On the way, we stopped and bought goat cheese at a small farm (they are trying to develop a whole route of small wineries and farms to attract tourism, the goat cheese was excellent). With Nava we went to visit ruins of a Nabatian ranch and learned about how they irrigated by building up a series of walls and clay mounds that distributed the runoff water. We hung out with her for a few hours and then continued our drive towards Eliat, through a huge crater (which unfortunately it was too dark to see).

Updated 1/14 with photos:


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