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Israel, Day 9

Posted on: January 6, 2007

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[posted 1/8 from the IMAX theater in Eliat]

Followed Shimon and Sari to Tel Aviv where we visited Shachar’s uncle Yossi and Anat (pregnant with a daughter they appear to be calling “blueberry” for now) and Itai. After touring their amazing house, we drove to Jaffa for lunch where we met up with Yossi’s older son Daniel, Shachar’s other uncle Yuval along with his wife Yael and their three daughters Michelle, Gal, Sheli (born 5 days after our wedding). Lunch started with a selection of about a dozen small salads (including the typical tomato/cucumber, humus, 2 eggplant dishes, calliflower, 2 cabbage ones, corn, and various other things) and wonderful warm pita (plain and topped with za’atar). If one of the small bowls was emptied, a refill appeared immidiately until everyone had their fill. In the mean time we all ordered our main dishes — most people had fish (the restaurant’s speciality given that we were right across from the beach). I opted for chicken on a skewer (shish, I learned, not kabob — though I always thought the whole thing was a “shish kabob” — turns out kabobs here are more like meatballs). Plus lovely fresh lemonade (with mint of course) and either turkish coffee or tea with mint afterwards.
After picking our car up from Yossi’s, Shachar and I drove back over to Jaffa and, despite the rain (yes, it was still raining all day today, sigh), we walked around the old city, starting with the clock tower. Nearby there we stopped at a street vendor selling sofflab (sp) (one of a row of about 6 selling them from big urns). I added cinnamon, coconut, raisins and banana chips into mine and we walked around in the rain with the delicious (and thankfully very warm) treat – just the perfect thing in the cold wet weather. We went to the visitor center, read about the history of the town (mostly that it was repeatedly destroyed throughout its history) and watched the English video (with Russian subtitles). When we came out the rain had slowed down and we were able to continue the walk through the old neighborhoods, though all the art galleries were pretty much closed by then. We walked along the water, back to the car, and then drove through the city for a while (some of it on purpose, some I’m not so sure, but it was a great tour). We drove back towards Jerusalem, stopped in at Shimon & Sari’s and then went and met up with Sharon and Ran at the Jerusalem Mall to see Happy Feet (English with Hebrew subtitles) and to wander around the mall a bit (checked out the bookstore of course). Since it was Saturday night and there were lots of beginning-of-the-year sales, it was utterly crazy and so we didn’t stay long before my mall-aversion kicked in and I was ready to head back home. Unfortunately no net access here right now, so this will be posted later and back dated (I’m writing at 10pm Saturday night, but am not sure when we’ll log in next to post…) Tomorrow we begin our big trip down to the South of Israel, where hopefully the weather will be much better!!

Updated 1/14 with photos:

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