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Israel, Day 7

Posted on: January 4, 2007

Today we explored the North of Israel some more with Beni, visiting the Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth (where we stopped at a famous sweet shop for knafeh). Actually the whole trip has been, not too surprisingly, about food. On the way from his town we stopped at a roadside stand selling fresh strawberries and pita with Za’atar (one of our favorite spices that S puts on pretty much everything at home and which we stocked up on while we were here), then in Tiberias we stopped for a hummus and fava beans (and french fries) along with Turkish coffee, and by the Jordan River we stopped at a store selling all sorts of things made with dates and tried out some new things.

We also drove almost to the border where Israel meets Jordan and Syria (apparently a very safe border), where there’s a nice spa that may need checking out on a future trip. Nazareth was really interesting to see — lots of Christmas decorations (apparently there is still a small Christian community there) and all the signs were in Arabic instead of Hebrew so when I woke up from my car nap and looked out the window, it was as if we had switched into another country. There’s a neighboring city that is the Jewish section, but the great knafeh is definitely an Arabic treat.

Now we’re back at Beni’s house where we hung out with his family (he and his wife have two adorable boys who like to jump on us) and I’m going to call it an early night and let the guys stay up and watch movies or something.

Tomorrow we’re going to finally see Haifa, which I’ve wanted to visit since Mom brought home photos of the city when she was there (1980 or so?)

Updated 1/17 with photos:

1 Response to "Israel, Day 7"

The Knafeh sounds delicious. I think I used Za’atar in an Ethiopian dish. You are making me hungry. Unfortunately we did not have any of your food experiences during our month in Israel. We were traveling with the wrong people.

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