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A Chili Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 18, 2006

S’s dinner club group met tonight with the theme of “A Chili Thanksgiving.” I was a bit nervous going in — those of you who know me probably know my very low tolerance to spicy food, but by avoiding some of the obvious killers (the pickeled pepper appetizers in particular) I managed to try almost everything served. S made a very potent cranberry/habanero chile sauce which was a big hit. Together we made curry and hot pepper sweet potato wedges which everyone thought were mild and which I can still feel burning my tongue. There was wonderful bbq turkey with a mole sauce, stuffing with chile peppers, a potato dish with peppers and, to top it off, a cranberry-apple-pepper pie (which, by picking out a few of the larger pepper pieces) was very enjoyable. Most of the peppers used had been grown in the hosts’ greenhouse and it was amazing to go in and look at the jungle of peppers (about 25 varieties) that were growing there.

(I think my cold may also have helped dull my taste buds enough to eat some of the dishes that usually would have killed me :))


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I love living in Switzerland – and the food is good – I miss spicy food so much! That meal sounds so great!!!!

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