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Yay Darren

Posted on: November 15, 2006

I got a note from Darren the other day explaining that he was off to Washington with the newly elected congressman from his district (who he had lost to in the primary but then helped to support). The news is being picked up on some blogs and local sites:

Just in From John Hall’s Press Secretary: “Darren Rigger is the PERFECT choice to accompany John Hall to Washington for Freshman Orientation week. Before he ran against John Hall, he did political fund raising work, he knows his way around Washington inside and out. Because of Darren’s excellent help, and knowledge of Washington, DC our John Hall is finding his way easily to where he needs to be, learning the ropes of being a Congressman, and getting his office there up and running. So, though a surprising choice to some of us, it was a brilliant choice, and so our thanks go out to Darren Rigger for being such and integral part of showing John Hall around Washington for the 19th Congressional district.”

Almost Famous: “The freshman get to bring along one person — a sort of chief-of-staff-in-training, to help out and learn the ropes. John Hall has tapped Darren Rigger, who he faced in a Democratic primary before going on to defeat Sue Kelly, as his orientation aide.”

Congrats and best of luck! What an exciting time (finally) to be back in Washington!

1 Response to "Yay Darren"

There were others who did a whole lot more than Darren Rigger ever thought of doing for John Hall’s campaign. His getting tapped stunk of politics as usual, rather than rewarding those who got him there…just my own opinion on the matter…I don’t care how much Rigger knew about Washington,others were more deserving.

As for Chief of Staff in training…If John Hall taps Rigger, he will lose a WHOLE LOT OF US who supported his campaign….it would not be a wise choice politically.

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