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Waiting for returns

Posted on: November 7, 2006

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Things are looking pretty good nationally — there’s a nice chart on fmf charting 53 races in the House that were deemed close, must-watch races. How super amazing if we wake up confirming that Nancy Pelosi is our new speaker!

Still waiting to see how CT-04 went and how all our local races turn out (since polls just closed 1/2 hour ago) Here are some CA Results and my local races.

On a completely unrelated note – Mittens (cat #2) hasn’t been feeling well and we took our first trip to the vet tonight to have her checked out. Turns out her heart rate is abnormally high so they kept her to do some test for hyperthyroid and other things. We should know tomorrow what the results are (so I’m waiting for more results than just the political ones). To also tie it back into the topic of the post, I had a great chat with the vet about the political results (which was nice, especially after discovering a number of R’s in my group at work).


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