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More old photos

Posted on: September 30, 2006

Here are a few more old photos that I found and scanned in:

My great grandfathers 75th birthday

Doug, Nana Betty, Mom, Uncle Harry (Grandpa’s brother who went out for cigarettes and came back 10 years later), Vera (?), Aunt Isabelle (Grandpa’s older sister) and Cousin Sally Frank (Isabelle’s daughter)


Grandpa (in his navy uniform) and his brother Gene

Grandpa, Nana Betty and Mom

Grandpa, Nana Betty and Mom

Grandpa, Nana Betty, Mom, Jonathan and Doug at Aunt Susan’s wedding

Great photo of Grandpa at his office surrounded by some of his sports programs (he sold sports advertising and things)

Grandpa as RTM moderator

Grandpa, Nana Betty and Mom (pregnant with me)

Even as a baby I liked being surrounded by books

Pushing my grandmother into the pool

At Grandpa’s 90th birthday, Mom and I reenacted an old photo of Mom and Nana Betty with Grandpa in 1969 or so

Grandpa and Nana Betty in costume — I also found the original patterns that she sewed these from!

Christmas 1974 at Alan and Andy’s, the day before I was born!

Grandpa and Muffy (who I remember as not being a very nice cat to anyone but Grandpa — certainly the first cat I remember being scratched by)

Me and Grandpa

Baby Brian in a blanket knitted for me by Nana Betty (which was just given to me)

Brian (with way more red hair then) and Grandpa at the pool

Grandpa, Brian and me at Grandpa’s house

Brian, Mom and Grandpa outside Grandpa’s house

Summer 1984, Aix en Provence, Grandpa, Uncle Doug, Mom and Brian

Me and Brian

Hanna, Brian and me

Grandpa and Lois at Brian’s bar mitzvah

Betty and Eduard with Grandpa


3 Responses to "More old photos"

What evocative photos! I can’t wait to share them with Annie and Harold….

I love these photos!!! My favorites are Grandpa in uniform with Gene, Grandpa in his office, you pushing Nana Betty into the pool, the kissing photos, grandpa with Muffy, the one of you and Grandpa with your mouth open, Aix en Provence – especially Brian in that one, because that is EXACTLY how I always think of him – you, B and Grandpa at his house, and the one of the whole family at Aunt Susan’s wedding. I like the one of us too and I think I remember that photo being taken! I hope you are all doing OK. Its a very hard time. I’m glad you are remembering the happy times.

I am a Bradley University student doing a history project on Joseph Greenhut for a class, and it looks like you’re related to him! I’m having trouble figuring out his family tree, if you could help me at all in this area, that would be amazing. Please contact me as soon as you can, as this project is due within the next week. Thanks in advance.

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