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Studio 60… and other tv shows

Posted on: September 18, 2006

Lisa called to say it was worth watching Studio 60, so I’m staying up for it (rather than just letting Tivo get it and watching it tomorrow) so that I can compare notes with her, Mom, and anyone else who watched it tonight…

Here’s my current (if slightly random) collection of must-see (or at least Tivo) shows:
Veronica Mars (we’re almost up to date on DVD and ready for the new season!)
Daily Show — sometimes its the only way to face the news
Extreme Makeover Home Edition – a guilty Sunday night pleasure… Busdriver, move that bus!
Project Runway – Brian convinced me to watch the episodes I had storing up on Tivo and now I’m up to date and ready to find out what the next challenge will be!
various HGTV shows (just can’t resist… even if I’m completely DIY-impaired)

If there are other must-see new shows this Fall that I’m missing, feel free to clue me in… thanks… its been a while since i had so many to look forward to!


4 Responses to "Studio 60… and other tv shows"

I’m glad to know i’m not the only one who can’t resist Design on a Dime and Landscaper’s Challenge!

i LOVE every single one of those shows, thats so funny! Even over here, with all the great BBC stuff, i still like those shows. Though I would trade project runway for America’s next top model. I loved studio 60 – but as good as the west wing? discuss…..

Hardly surprising given that what little good taste I have I picked up from the two of you!

Oh my god it is SO SO SO SO the other way around!

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