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Posted on: August 21, 2006

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Our City Council is considering a potential amendment to the City’s Redevelopment Plan. There was a Town Hall Meeting tonight where the City Manager and Redevelopment consultant presented the proposed amendment and received public input. It was a fascinating meeting — I learned that I have a latent desire to be a commercial real estate developer (hmmm, must be there in my blood), I’m a big fan of redevelopment projects, and that people in town can totally surprise you with their questions and comments in an open forum (goodness – nothing like the idea of eminent domain to get a room excited!).

I’ve always loved the idea of city planning. Brian and I used to design whole cities (I didn’t play house, I played newspaper or city.. we had a great set of toys called Majoland or something that had all the pieces for a town (I think we got it when we were in France for the summer, probably c.1984), plus the awesome Fabuland lego set that I adored (my town had extensive mail service to all the buildings). We even used to rewrite the rules of Life when we played so that the town could assess taxes (did I mention we were strange)?

Anyway, its not surprising that I’m drawn to a meeting like tonight’s town hall forum. It really is fascinating stuff.

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