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BlogHer Takeaways, Day One

Posted on: July 28, 2006

S emailed to complain I wasn’t live blogging the blogging conference… but unfortunately there hasn’t been much I felt like capturing so far (and the wireless has been awful so every 2 minutes I get kicked off) Here are a few little things:

1) I really need to make the time to upgrade my Movable Type installation so I can take advantage of some of the cool new plug-ins and things that people are using
2) Conferences in real life are rarely as interesting as I think they will be, mostly because I don’t excel at those between conference conversations that really make the gathering great
3) I need a microphone (probably a headphone/michrophone combo so I can skype with it, but there were some very cool external mikes and digital recorders that people had)
4) I really have to use flickr a lot more than I do – and to take and post a lot more (and better) photos. Good session with Heather Champ and Caterina Fake was one of the lunchtime keynotes.
5) Librarians are everywhere — the very first person I talked to turned out to be one. She has a cool crafty blog, Cheeky Attitude.
6) I really should use or more — starting with importing my bookmarks from home into it (if I can get my computer to turn back on, which hasn’t worked since Monday’s power outage), and using tags a whole lot more in general. I think I’ll replace the links on my blog with my delicious tags — and I like the idea that delicious will automatically post a daily link roll to capture what you bookmarked that day. In the meantime, I got my tag cloud working on my front page finally.
Brian — Susan Mernit says Hi. I’m still waiting for a chance to say hello to Nancy White.

Sessions I’ve attended: Primp Your Blog; Audio/Podcasting; Digital Photography; Tagging, tracking & structured blogging … more to come …

Fun blog T-Shirts
“I’m blogging this”
Front: <body> Back: </body> (made me wonder if there was a matching <head$gt; hat?)

1 Response to "BlogHer Takeaways, Day One"

Hey Emily – come by after the Get Deeply Geeky panel in the “Room of Your Own” area and snag me. Lets chat! Beth says you are an NP blogger!!

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