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Friends of the Library Web Sites

Posted on: July 1, 2006

I’ve been asked to provide some feedback on our new Friends of the Library web site, so I thought I’d better take a look at what other groups are doing these days. So here’s a quick survey of a bunch of sites that had some interesting features.

friends-tompkins.jpg Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library

  • Love the photos of the volunteers on the front page
  • Prominent “How Can You Help?” on side menu
  • Nice list of what their donations have been spent on
friends-multnomah.jpg Friends of Multnomah County Library

  • I love their tag line, “Inquire … Dream … Create … Discover. That’s what Libraries are for. That’s what Friends are for.”
  • Nice rotating images of volunteers, the library (what a fantastic tree!)
  • Fun facts about the library (though there’s only one so far)
  • Emphasis on being a library advocate
friends-littleelm.jpg Friends of the Little Elm Library

  • The design needs updating, but I loved their trivia contest idea, which raises about $10k! Among the ideas are placemat ads ($30). From the description: “Join us for Trivia Night for an evening full of fun, food and prizes, on February 2rd 2006 at 6pm in the Lakeside JR. High School practice gym.  Festivities begin with a myriad of gastronomical epicurean delights available for purchase at our cerebral stimulation station located in the cafeteria.  Team members must be seated and have their thinking caps on by 6:45 and the contest begins at 7pm sharp.  Rules will be strictly enforced by our crack goon squad: No food allowed (buy ours this is a fund raiser);  Only contestants seated at the table (bring all your friends to cheer your team from the peanut gallery by all means);  No use of cell phones (this is not “Millionaire” and there isn’t a phone-a-friend option, just get Regis on your team).” Photos from the event
friends-stpaul.jpg Friends of the St. Paul Public Library

friends-juneau.jpg Friends of the Juneau Public Library

  • I just liked the purple
friends-morley.jpg Friends of Morley Library

  • Plus the library itself is not afraid to fundraise!
friends-lafayette.jpg Friends of Lafayette Library

  • One of their upcoming events is “Lafayette Juniors presents the Seventh Annual Tour of Lafayette Kitchens to benefit the Lafayette Library on Saturday, May 20, 2006 from 10 am to 3 pm. The tour will showcase six spectacular, diverse kitchens, all of which feature the latest equipment and amenities. Tickets are $35 per person ($25 tax-deductible) and a gourmet lunch may be purchased for an additional fee. “
friends-montgomery.jpg Montgomery County

friends-encinitas.jpg Friends of the Encinitas Library

  • Great construction and groundbreaking photos
friends-collier.jpg Collier Friends

  • I like how they offer to provide speakers to local groups – “The Friends welcome the opportunity to introduce your organization to the many outstanding programs and services provided by the Library. To schedule a speaker, call the Friends office or e-mail us”
friends-paloalto.jpg Friends of the Palo Alto Library

friends-payson.jpg Library Friends of Payson

friends-kirkwood.jpg Friends of the Kirkwood Public Library

friends-sugargrove.jpg Sugar Grove Public Library

  • Selling a Beach Reading Bag — “Includes 5 paperback books that are great beach reads, a bottle of water, beach gear, our wishes for a great vacation, and the cool beach bag all for only $10.00. Take a picture of yourself and your bag when you are on vacation and send it to the library! We’ll make a collage of photos of what the beach bags did on summer vacation!”
friends-houston.jpg Friends of the Houston Public Library

  • “If you are looking for a great project, we would like to invite you to start a Book Drive. The Friends’ Annual Book Sale is the most important way in which we raise money for the Library and provide affordable books for the community. To have a sale as great as we do, we need a lot of books. You can help! A Book Drive is an excellent activity for groups or individuals.”
friends-pickerington.jpg Friends of the Pickerington Public Library

  •, ebay and Amazon
  • Cookbook
  • Patches for Progress: “Patches for Progress, is a Friends of the Pickerington Public Library sponsored elementary reading program that links the Public Schools, the Public Library, our community and area businesses together with a vehicle that is parent driven and makes reading FUN !!”
friends-jefferson.jpg Friends of the Jefferson County Public Library

  • Having a membership drive: “This is a great time to join and all new members will receive a coupon for a free “used” book (select from “used books for sale” shelves at your local library) and a coupon for a $1.00 off a purchase at the Friends Gift and Book Shop at the Belmar Library . In addition, there will be a drawing for Caroline Kennedy’s book “A Family of Poems”. The drawing is open to all patrons.”
  • Connie Willis, one of my all-time favorite authros was there in May
  • A link to bookcrossing
  • Holiday Book & Gift Boutique
friends-thousand.jpg Friends of the Thousand Oaks Library

friends-johnson.jpg Friends of the Johnson County Library

friends-colleyville.jpg Friends of the Colleyville Public Library

  • Amazon and B&N affiliate
friends-pelican.jpg Pelican Rapids

  • The Faces of Change is a photo and essay exhibit designed to document the changes in a small rural Minnesota community, which has undergone a large influx of refugees in the last decade, and the changes in the immigrants who came to the community of Pelican Rapids.
  • In 2002 the Pelican Rapids Public Library staff and members of the Friends of the Library, created a tapestry of fiber art that represents the cultures that have immigrated to this community.
friends-cardiff.jpg Cardiff by the Sea

  • Business Memberships
  • “Above and Beyond” award
friends-oakland.jpg Friends of the
Oakland Public Library

  • Bookmark Wish List (things we need)
  • Ten Good Reasons to Become a Member …
  • Advocacy Center
  • Join for $50 (Fifty Dollars) or more and enjoy discounts at the following fine neighborhood bookstores
friends-santacruz.jpg Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries

friends-tippacanoe.jpg Tippecanoe County

friends-seattle.jpg Seattle Public Library

friends-sanfran.jpg San Francisco

friends-yorba.jpg Yorba Linda Public Library

friends-clayton.jpg Clayton Community Library Foundation

  • Buy-a-Book: Place a bookplate in honor of a special person. $25 fiction, $50 non-fiction.
  • Buy-a-Brick: Buy an engraved brick to line the walkway into the library
friends-eldorado.jpg Eldorado Library

  • Paypal membership
friends-fresno.jpg Fresno County Public Library

  • Bi-Annual “Children’s Party”
  • Intermittent “Murder in the Library”, presentations by authors of mysteries, proceeds from which are used to enhance the Library’s mystery collection.
friends-glendora.jpg Glendora Friends Foundation


2 Responses to "Friends of the Library Web Sites"

Loved your review, Emily! Good job!


Do you any of these sites list the donor names and their websites? Donations would increase if donors could have their names and websites listed in recognition of their donation.

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