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Refgunt, 6/25

Posted on: June 25, 2006

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Another busy Sunday. 2 Hours A, 4 Hours J. Here are some of the questions/requests:

The Confident Hope
The Custom of the Sea
Unknown Soldiers: The Story of the Missing of the First World War
videos in German
do I need a password for the computers?
someone actually called out time management a “brilliant system” for its ability to let you use your time in small increments — I don’t think I have EVER heard anyone say that
books about transportation
books featuring the letters T and W
On Liberty
do I have to go back to the reservation console each time? (no, just the first one unless all the computers are occupied, and then you go there to get on the waiting list)
Building Wealth
The Last Unicorn
What is brought on the picnic in the song?
found Polly, get a frog x7+
drugs and alcohol (362.29)
Dear Dumb Diary
The Kid Who Ran for President/The Kid Who Became President
Biscuit (the dog)
teen reading club x4
High School Musical sound track
damaged copy of Osmosis Jones, hold another copy (oops, can’t — too new a feature film for holds)
sign onto Internet x4
Vampire Mountain
sequel to Magyk
Beatrix Potter
age 13 daughter, ok to read these teen books? (umm… we suggested the 8th grade list instead since she was concerned about content)
4th grade boy picks (ended up with Stuart Little)
earthquakes and seismic waves
Anne McCaffery scifi
BoxCar Children
Harry Potter in paperback
how to get a library card x3
_easy_ easy readers (yellow dots)
Clique series
Around the World in 80 Days DVD
5th grade math and English
Sweet Honey In the Rock
Tripping Over the Lunch Lady
old movie about the Brothers Grimm? think it was the 1962 The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, but we don’t have that
rules for attendance for Wednesday’s program? (school kids 5+, kids only)
card won’t work (13 yr old, kids computers are for 12 and under)
instrumental music for gymnastic routines

Jean and I also tried to sum up the different types of reference questions we get (in prep for upcoming interviews) Here are the categories I came up with (how handy to have all these refgrunts handy!)

Technology Questions — useing our system (since it isn’t exactly self-explanatory, and using the Internet, Office, etc.)
Readers Advisory — recommendations, requests for reviews, handing out book lists, etc.
Service (hours? wifi? do you… ? can you…? )
Local Resources/Referrals (I love these and get fewer than I expected)
Trivia/Facts — song lyrics, spelling, content entry help, elevation, state flowers, etc.
Subject — I’m looking for books on…?
Specific — title, list of titles, author, etc… do you have….?

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