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Election Day!

Posted on: June 6, 2006

Its election day here in California. I usually try to vote first thing in the morning but think I’ll save the fun until after work today instead (since I’m a bit concerned that my change of address didn’t go through so I may need to try both polling places to find my name) But I have my voting guide all annotated with who I’m planning to vote for and my favorite “VOTE” pin, and am ready to go!

2 Responses to "Election Day!"

It’s amazing that you don’t have a way of finding your polling place by entering your social security number.
On last Israeli election the ministry of internal affairs came with an application allows you to find your polling place address by entering your ID, including a map how to get there.

It seems that your country is advanced in many ways but as far as election converns you’re quite behind…

You can actually call with your birthday and street address and they’ll tell you on the automated system… its just that I didn’t realize I had to fill out a whole new form to change my name and just checked the box to change my registration when I got a new driver’s license, so I’m not sure if that held it up. But its true, our voting system isn’t the most organized…

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