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Some thoughts on marriage

Posted on: June 5, 2006

I have traditionally had a pretty unromantic view of marriage. Having watched many marriages dissolve, I had come to the conclusion that marriage was either unnecessary (the independent feminist in me determined to prove that I didn’t need to be married to be a full person, etc) or really all about health care, visitation rights, and legal status (which seemed somewhat unfair that you couldn’t then get those without being married). I had grown up around quite a few (and often very messy) divorces, which certainly colored my views.

Despite that, I’ve always felt strongly that the right of marriage should be extended to same-sex couples (though honestly I felt about it much as I thought about gays in the military — anyone who wants in should get in, but I didn’t entirely understand why anyone would want to join up…)

But now, having taken the plunge and been married for all of 2 1/2 months, I’m beginning to finally understand why people are fighting for the right to get married and am more adamant in my opposition to the bigoted and baffling proposals to “protect” the institution of marriage.

As they say, marriage is a fundamental institution of civilization. Any loving couple who is willing to make this commitment and take on the responsibility of getting married should have the right and honor of doing so (or choose not to if they’d rather and still be protected legally on all those important things).

So what to do?
Learn more, send postcards or emails, sign petitions, check out the list of co-sponsors to the bill, spread the word, get out there and VOTE (for some of us, tomorrow!) Other ideas?

1 Response to "Some thoughts on marriage"

Amen, sister. I felt the same way as you both before and after getting married. Before: who needs it? After: this is important. 15 years later, I’m still in favor and wish very much for this right and privilege to be available to all who want it. Thanks for all the useful links!

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