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Refgrunt, 4/15

Posted on: April 15, 2006

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A nice mix today — 4 hours J, 4 hours A. Quiet in the morning but a busy afternoon with some major computer stresses (first the time management, then the print management). In between I selected new Easter books for next year (a huge number of popular ones are out of print though) Here are some of the questions/requests:

Ice Age
Chronicles of Narnia DVD (154 people on waiting list!)
country books on France (944)
returned book but still on their account
movies about frogs
printing problems
is D in?
Mary Kate and Ashley movies
Parent Trap
The Case of the Blue-Ribbon Horse
tax forms for an extension
what does “transit request” mean in catalog?
farming in Mesopotamia (great stuff in our Daily Life db)
UCLA catalog
Willmaker CD
Mary Higgings Clark – No PLace Like Home
help printing
how long a wait for a computer?
Malcolm X
Full Metal Alchemist DVDs
Christian Rap
Like Water for Chocolate (under DVD Spanish Como for Como Agua Para Chocolate)
Queen music or books about the group
Blaine Larsen CD
are the disk drives broken on both computers or just the one with the sign?
another word processing computer?
check book on hold
tax table and forms
get rid of decimals in excel cell?
word wrap problems in Word
microfiche of 1906 papers?
got library card stuck in copy machine (our copy machine doesn’t actually take copy cards, and certainly not library cards, but she found a slot and tried)
major printing problems
patent books (had author’s name spell wrong though)
why is word capitalizing things for me? (don’t hit return, let it wrap itself)
Miracle Cure — the one copy in the system is unavailable
Lamaze DVD
found memory card
help setting up microfilm machine, looking for 1906 earthquake coverage in local paper (but couldn’t find any?!?!)

May 13th is the groundbreaking for the new building!

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