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Hebrew 101

Posted on: June 19, 2005

In an attempt to pick up a little Hebrew over the coming months (and years), I have been collecting books (I’m working on “Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day”), checking out CDs and managed to find a few local classes. Today I took “Hebrew 101: A Concentrated Introduction” from Lehrhaus Judaica – The Adult School For Jewish Studies with Orna Morad, held at Cong. Beth Am in Los Altos Hills. It was definitely introductory level, but that is certainly where I am right now.

Some of the things we went over (so I can have them here to practice later). The transliterations may be a bit off in places…

Ma shmekh(f)/sheemkha(m)? [what is your name?]
Shmee… (my name is…)
Me-ayin at(f)/ata(m)? [where are you from?]
Anee me… (I am from…)
Ayfoh at garah(f)/ata gar(m)? [where do you live?]
At mederberet(f)/Atah medaber(m)… [do you speak…?]
Lo, anee lo medaber/t…

and ever important… Ayfoh ha sherutim (Where is the bathroom?)
Sham [there]

then we had lunch and learned to say
Ani rotza(f)/rotze(m) bevakasha… [I want please…]
pita, hummus, melafefon chamotz (pickeled cucumber), tutim (strawberries), anaveen (grapes), oo-gah (cake), cafe, te (tea), mitz tapoozim (orange juice)

we learned our numbers:
ef-es (zero), aH-aht (one), shtahyeem (two), shal-losh (three), ar-bah (four), Ham-mesh (five), shesh (six), sheh-vah (seven — like Be’er Sheva, which is 7 Wells), shmoh-neh (eight), tay-shah (nine) and es-air (ten) [handout was from Akhlah

and asked the time (ma hashaa)

I’d definitely take another class from this teacher — unfortunately the Intensive Modern Hebrew: Level Alef (Beginning) class meets Tuesday nights while I’m at work. Hopefully the fall schedule will have some other options.

Saved Comments:

Good start love
Ma slomech?

Posted by: Shin at June 19, 2005 05:12 PM

Hi Emily, I tune in occasionally, although I haven’t written to you before. Heard your big news, mazel tov. I hear you are looking for a few good flower girls…?
Posted by: Jen Combs at June 20, 2005 04:22 PM

Hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve used my hebrew but I was glad I at least knew all the words you posted here. The problem is when you ask a question in Hebrew, the answer is usually in Hebrew too, and then you’re in trouble!

Good luck to you though!
love, Jen
Posted by: Jen Kolodner at September 20, 2005 08:27 AM

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