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Peter’s Retirement Breakfast

Posted on: March 28, 2005

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This morning was Peter’s big retirement breakfast at The Tech. Each department (plus the volunteers) paraded in (some in costumes) and presented him with parting gifts. The volunteers gave him one of those famous mango vests (now also retired) with everyone’s signatures. I unfortunately had to duck out before the end for an rss meeting at work, but it was nice to see everyone (since it had been way too long). Next Tuesday’s my very last VAB meeting.

Whoa: freaky googling. I just posted this a couple of minutes ago and thought I’d look up to see if there were any press releases or other information about the retirement. So I google a few key phrases to check, and my post is already there indexed (about 20 minutes later). Wow! This could get a person in trouble (as a certain company learned this weekend when a press release was accidentally posted and even though they removed it very shortly, it had already been cached by google and effectively leaked to the universe)Nevermind, it wasn’t as freaky as I thought — the post that comes up in the search is actually my old December one from the announcement of the retirement, but it links to my Tech Category Archive, which of course has this post now added to the top. Phew, that would have been just too fast for me to cope with 🙂

I did notice, while doing this, that “retirement” is still a very relative term, since apparently he’s been out interviewing for a very cool sounding position.

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