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Forever Frangos

Posted on: January 6, 2005

frangos.jpgJane sent along this article from today’s Seattle Times about those divine chocolate treats formerly known as Frangos

Don’t call it Frango in Seattle
The new name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue — or melt in the mouth — but Frango chocolate truffles, a part of Seattle for almost as long as the Smith Tower, are being rebranded later this month as Frederick & Nelson The Original.

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frangobox.jpgFrangos (which I will continue to think of them as) are these wonderful chocolates that come in 10 flavors and were always packaged in these cool hexagon-shaped packages. My favorite are still the mint ones, and they remind me of teacher-conference days in elementary school when Mom would take Brian and I to lunch at the basement cafe at Frederick & Nelson and we would have Frango Mint ice cream milkshakes — one of the best things ever. I know that Carrie H (being a good Chicago-native), shares my appreciation of a good Frango 🙂

From the Marshall Field’s site: “There are other mints and other chocolates, but only one Frango mint chocolate.”

4 Responses to "Forever Frangos"

I miss Frederick and Nelson and the times we would spend the whole day there! That’s sad about the name change — and Bon-Macy’s is even worse! Better order a supply and keep one of the boxes…

We would get Frangos from Marshall Fields every year around Christmastime when I lived in Chicago.

I agree – time to stock up on the boxes.

Oooh! I big special thank you to Carrie and Heather who just sent me the biggest box of Frangos I’ve ever seen as a late birthday present! Thanks!!!!

I am honored to be included in your blog. How big was the box of Frango’s?Just so everyone knows, they are a Seattle not a Chicago product.

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