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In Westport

Posted on: June 24, 2004

Reporting in from Westport where I’m lucky enough to get to stay in Betty’s room (of course, it was once my room, so she can’t object too much, and she’s off at camp anyway…)

Uneventful day of flying – read a bit, did some knitting, slept more than I meant to. Mom picked me up at the airport and we sat in some of the worst traffic I’ve ever seen all the way back on the Merritt. Looked through some old diaries of my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s while waiting for Bill, Eduard and Annie to get back from Liz’s graduation and then Eduard played some of the songs he’s been writing on his computer.

Of course it still feels really early to me but everyone else has gone to bed. Mom passed on three books: A Princess of Mars, The Rule of Four, and ‘Til Death do us Part… all of which look better than the Grant Seeker’s Budget Toolkit which I’m supposed to be reading for homework… so I may curl up with one of those instead…

For comparison, here’s the weather here:
The WeatherPixie

1 Response to "In Westport"

The worst traffic you’ve ever seen? Whew! That must have been really bad considering what we have around here.

I started casting on Arrowhead this morning–all 232 glorious stitches. I’m going to try a tubular cast-on–hopefully I’ll get through the first couple of rows without incident.

Have a wonderful trip!

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